The European Coatings media channel is an English language, pan-European outlet serving all operational areas of coatings, inks, sealants and elastomers production. There are several ways to connect with the audience, including:


The European Coatings Journal (English language) (and Farbe und Lack (German language)) offers a print advertising program. If you’re interested in submitting for an editorial topic, a vetting process is utilized – reviewed via abstract submission by the editorial team and are independent of advertising. This keeps the high-level technical integrity of the journal(s) intact. Editorial submission guidelines can be provided.


EC Journal has a third party audit and is recognized internationally for its technically superior editorial. The publication is also the official partner of the European coatings association (CEPE).

Planned editorial themes for 2024:

-January/February: Protective Coatings

-March: Pigments & Fillers

-April: Automotive Coatings

-May: Bio-Based Coatings

-June: Wood Coatings

-July/August: Water-based Coatings

-September: Functional Coatings & Production Technology

-October: Architectural Coatings

-November: Resins & Additives

-December: Powder Coatings

Details here via pdf: EC Print Media info


Advertorial Program: Print and Digital package or Digital only. Q&A developed with editorial staff, print production, digital production and promotion included.

  Details here: Q&A Program


EC Journal reprints: Do you want a copyrighted version of a technical editorial with reproduction availability?

  Details here: REPRINTS - high res pdf



Newsletter: Twice per week placement

·         Top and middle banner ads

·         Top, middle and bottom text (native) ads

More information here: Newsletter Media Info


Newsletter take-over: 

·         Your content, our audience

·         Full production and email to EC audience included

More information here: Newsletter take-over


Website: Monthly banner ad placement

·         Home page banners

·         Various sizes

·         Exclusive positions (non-rotating)

More Information here: Website Media Information

·   Sponsored News item - email for details


White paper: your content, max 15 pages (with images/graphs). Your thought leadership/problem solving solution.

·         Homepage for 3 months

·         (1) text ad per month

·         “related content” search results

·         Automatic email alert of download (direct lead generation)

·         Archived on-site

More Information here: Whitepaper Media Information


Dossier: technical editorial pulled into one document, highlighting your specialty/topic

·         Your logo on cover image (it looks like a regular publication)

·         Full page ad

·         Full page company profile

·         Promoting in print journals

·         Promotion via banner ads (web and newsletter)

·         Promotion via text ads

·         Specific e-blast promotion

·         Logo on landing page of dossier

More Information here: Dossier Media Information


Webinar: your topic, our hosting, moderating and promoting

·          Advertising in various media and direct email

·          Technical details

·          Registration

·          Content advice and practice run-through to make sure it’s all good

·          Host webinar

·          Survey of participants

·          Record webinar

·          Follow up email to participants

·          Direct lead/registrant list

·          Results of survey

·          Downloadable recording (1 month availability)



Suppliers Hub: Digital product presentation video

·          6 month run-time

·          Social media promotion

·          Promotion in EC media

More information here: Suppliers Hub info


Special programs:

A number of different opportunities

- Custom landing pages (containing video, whitepapers, archived webinars, etc.)

- Social media programs

- Advertorial content (Q&A)



 - Sponsorships available at one of the many smaller seminars/conferences given throughout the year. Both in-person and virtual. Details on request

 - 2024 is next for the American Coatings SHOW

 - 2023 featured the the European Coatings SHOW 


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